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At RPI CONSULTING GROUP INC. our life-sciences recruiters possess the scientific depth necessary to understand your needs. We also have the database, network and cutting-edge recruting tools to actually service them. Our years in the industry combined with our specialized expertise and tools enable a targeted approach which is simply not available with other recruiters.
Whether it's a research associate for a temporary contract or an R&D Director to reshape your team, we have the capacity to source the right people. Some of the roles we frequently fill include:
  • Research Associates
  • Analytical and Organic Chemists
  • Laboratory Managers
  • Pharmacologists
  • In Vivo Research
  • Technical Writers
  • Clinical Research Associates and Trial Managers
  • Biomedical Engineers
  • Regulatory Affairs
Here are just few reasons you should allow us your serve your staffing needs:
The number of resumes that you need to sift through will go from hundreds to only a handful, thereby allowing you to dedicate your valuable resources to other functions.
Risk Management
We guarantee our placements. If your new hire does not work out for any reason, we will promptly replace him or her at no cost to you.
No Fees without Success
Our fee is payable only if you hire a candidate submitted by us. We qualify, screen, and evaluate each candidate for free. We arrange all appointments and interviews for free. We define skill sets and job descriptions for free. We work with you on your schedule for free.
Competitive Advantage
We present only top-notch candidates and weed through the rest. We screen according to your guidelines. We are experts to selling the position and your company to candidates.
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